Related Entities

Gain insight into the size of a group of companies through detailed view of related entities

Bank Accounts

Monitor account freezes in real time and be the first to react and force a payment


Check who the current and previous owners of the company are , as well as who is the ultimate owner

Credit Score

Check your potential partner’s credit by business risk charts

Management and Eployees

Find out who you should talk to about business collaboration and about their leadership experience in the other companies


Determine the financial health of your client by looking into their financial statement and ration indicators

Business Data arranged in such a way, so that you can get the most for your business.


Find new clients

With the help of advanced search and more than 60 filters, find companies that fit your ideal customers, segment the market, or create your own target lists.


Keep track of your customers and suppliers

Create company groups for customers or suppliers and keep track of any changes in their activity. In this way, you will not miss a sales signal or a potential threat such as frozen bank accounts and thus you can respond on time.


Download the data

All company data, as well as company databases that you create through advanced search or from tracking groups can be downloaded in Excel format and CSV to enrich your CRM or other systems.

Active Companies
Frozen Accounts
Promissory Notes
Related entities

Perfect tool for sales teams

Sales managers and salesmen can easily search for potential clients or to check or to understand new leads and with just two clicks download all data into CRM or any other solution they use.

Powerful addon for procurement

Procurement process can be much easier with database of all suppliers that satisfy your strict criterias. Easuly check every potential supplier by searching for more appropriate ones with acurate contacts and up-to-date reliable information.

Infalliable element of every risk assessment

Presentation of full financials and racios will help risk departments and financial analists in estimation of financial risks or future cooperation with certain company/individual.

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