Functionality list

Company Information

Company Summary

Overview of basic registration data.

Locations and Contacts

Check out all the ways you can get in touch with the company and look up all registered Branch offices.

Bank Accounts

Before collaboration, sending goods or any other agreements with some company, check their Bank accounts status and prevent potential problems with payment.

Management and Employees

Find out who manages the company and use the trend in the number of employees to realize the growth of the company itself.


Check who is the ultimate owner and who controls the company.

Summary of Financials

Take a quick look in basic finance.

Registry Annotations

Check whether the company has been re-registered in a certain period, whether it has experienced separation or merger of other companies and similar notes.

Company Reports - 5 monthly

Download company reports - Download the desired information about a company in Excel format.

Credit Score

Reduce the most common concern that is present in business cooperation - whether the agreed obligations will be fulfilled. Credit assessment represents a new methodology for scoring predefined company characteristics. Follow the trend of evaluation and in that way see bigger changes in the company, both positive and negative.

Related Entities

Check the security of the company with which you plan to cooperate through stability.

Financials and Ratios

Monitor the company’s business by looking their detailed finance.

Consolidated Financials

Consolidated Financials

Financial Benchmarks

Make yourself financial analysis comparing finance reports up to 5 companies, specific sectors or group of companies made by you.

Trend Chart

Select financial benchmark for which you want to detailed follow trends through the years.

Accounts orders (deptor)

Check out how often the company was the object of enforcement for own debts.

Accounts orders (creditor)

Check out how often the company has submitted enforcement to collected its claim.

Court Trials

Get overview of the court trials and their details.

Promissory notes

A quick insight into the indebtedness of the company and structure of registered promissory notes according to purpose.

Pledges as a pledgor

Pledges as a creditor

The Lessee

Inspection of vehicles and machines purchased on lease.

The supplier of the leasing object

Inspection of vehicles and machines that have been sold on lease through the mediator.

The Lessor

Inspection of vehicles and machines sold on lease.

A history of change

Choose a set of data and see how they have changed through time

Advanced Search

Company search by over then 45 criteria

Search for companies in Serbia according to the parameters that are important to you. Find potential customers, suppliers, even competitors.

Company search by directors and their origin country

Download client list from advanced search in excel form - 100 monthly

Download client list from advanced search in excel form

Download client list from advanced search in csv form


Watch list - Track changes in companies - up to 5 companies

Follow on the application every change in your important companies at the time of publication.

Monitoring Watch list changes on an weekly basis

Follow any changes in your important companies at the time of publication directly via your e-mail.

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