About project

The partner of Serbian economy and more

PKS Partner as an all-inclusive online business portal with business information of all registered business entities in Serbia elevates and pushes the Serbian economy towards being an IT society and knowledge economy, it enables digital transformation and automation of the business entities processes and accelerates the business operations of organizations and the entire economy.

As a unique web application for aggregation and verification of business information in Serbia, it aims to help businessmen to start new businesses with an ease, protect them from suspicious business entities and in that way, reduce the risk of business of the entire economy. In this way, the sales process of the businessmen themselves is accelerated and productivity is increased for the whole economy.


All the publicly available company data (from multiple online sources) are gathered in one place, which are collected, processed and prepared for additional functionalities to enable users to use business information through the web application in an easy and comfortable way. Timely business information enables you to make sound business decisions and improve your business operations.

PKS Partner enables other user companies to gain insight into the financial health of their customers, to find new potential customers and to discover and verify all their competitors, suppliers and business partners. These benefits are achieved through a state-of-the-art tool on the Serbian market that guarantees an adequate methodology for collecting, verifying and presenting business data and information in a way that is easily understood by all business people, regardless of their technological and financial knowledge.

PKS Partner is a joint project of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and CUBE Team.

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce is a business-professional and interest association of legal and natural entities engaged in registered economic activity. The PKS aims to represent the common interests of enterprises and other economic entities before state bodies and organizations, in creating the economic system, economic policy measures, economic conditions and business conditions. PKS is a participant in the creation and implementation of development strategy, regional development policy, infrastructure and new projects.

CUBE Team is the leading provider of business information in Serbia. It offers sectoral analysis and reports, competition analysis and business databases to its clients. Working on state-of-the-art information technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Business Analysis and Business Intelligence, clients are provided with valuable and critical business information.

Data sources for PKS PARTNER:

PKS Partner Business Portal gathers information from various public online data sources in one place:


Business Registers Agency

APR is a source of information on registered companies and entrepreneurs and their registration data, leasing and pledges as well as financial statements for all businesses and entrepreneurs which are required to submit financial statements.


Tax Authority of Ministry of Finance

The taxpayer registry is a source of information on companies’ VAT status and PIB (tax identification number).


National Bank of Serbia

Accounts, account freeze and bills of exchange are downloaded through the NBS database and website.


Cadastre of the Republic Geodetic Authority 

The public cadastre database provides access to real estate and mortgage information of business companies.


Other sources

Other publicly available data sources such as the Central Registry of Securities, yellow pages, company websites, etc. are used.